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FM Services



With 30+ years experience, FM Entertainment has built an industry network with the knowledge and reputation to acquire the best talent from around the world.

By partnering with FM Entertainment you can gain instant access to the talent you want, instead of the talent that’s left. Clients of FM Entertainment get to work with our industry network to find the talent that’s a perfect fit for their events.



Perception is everything when promoting an event. They way your event is perceived to the public stems directly from your marketing campaign. Our exclusive design branch at FM Entertainment can provide everything needed to market any event to it’s fullest potential.  From event branding, staging graphics, merchandising, and all forms of advertising in between.

Production Services

Having the wrong production set up can make for a bad day for Artists, Attendees and especially for an event producer. We have a long list of production professionals with the equipment and skill sets to perfectly match event needs with the needs of the Artists. Having the right team behind you is the difference between success and failure. The production of an event can have a great positive impact, but having a bad production can negatively affect not only a single event, but future events as well.

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