May 5, 2023
Time: 7:00PM
Venue: Apollo Theatre
Address: 22 W Cass Street
State: IL

Orlando, Florida’s Trivium are among the most provocative, restless, and influential bands to emerge from the American South’s heavy metal explosion in the early 21st century. Beginning as a metalcore outfit, they have relentlessly combined and crossed styles including thrash, prog, technical, and melodic death metal, as well as alternative and groove metal. Trivium came by their global success the old-fashioned way: touring. Since issuing their first demo in 2000, they have been road warriors. They established themselves first in the South, and then across North America before conquering festival stages in Europe and Asia supporting their sophomore long-player Ascendancy in 2005. 2008’s Shogun showcased epic storytelling abilities as well as a love for innovative riffs. Its compositional tenets and love for narrative storytelling influenced each subsequent release, beginning with 2011’s In Waves. 2017’s The Sin and the Sentence used them inside an extreme metal setting and became one of their most acclaimed albums, selling better in Europe than it did in the States. 2020’s What the Dead Men Say fully integrated all their musical tenets. 2021’s In the Court of the Dragon was written and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic.